An Interview with Photographer: Scott Hargis

Scott Hargis is a freelance photographer, who is based in the San Francisco Bay area. He specializes in Interiors and Architecture and is a member of the International Association of Architectural Photographers.

Scott also teaches workshops throughout the United States and his work has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, This Old House, The East Bay Express, Bay Crossings Magazine, WEND Magazine, and Bay Nature.

Through this Q&A, let’s meet the photographer behind the lens, discover his work and learn a little more about this wonderful passion.

How did you get into the photography business?

I came to photography late, about age 35. I was actually a general manager for Kinko’s for about 15 years before I switched careers. I had always been a hobbyist, but had never really gotten beyond vacation photos.

When I knew it was time to leave Kinko’s, I started seeing a career counselor, who (in addition to helping me figure out my goals and aspirations) made me take a series of standardized tests. Towards the bottom of the tests they would funnel you into more and more specific careers, and the two that kept coming up over and over were Archaeology and Photography. I started obsessing over photography, and shortly after that I turned in my resignation and hung out my shingle.  Continue reading. . .

Indian Gulch by Scott Hargis

This interview was originally published at on September 25, 2009

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