Writer: Use Adverbs With Caution!

I am dead to adverbs; they cannot excite me. To misplace an adverb is a thing which I am able to do with frozen indifference; it can never give me a pang. … –and this adverb plague is one of them. … Yes, there are things which we cannot learn, and there is no use in fretting about it. I cannot learn adverbs; and what is more I won’t.  – Mark Twain, “Reply to a Boston Girl,” Atlantic Monthly, June 1880

How many times have you heard the advice, use adverbs with caution? Many writers are prone to the excessive use of adverbs (especially adverbs ending in –Y and –LY) to highlight subjects or emphasize a point.  But did you know that careless use of adverbs can hurt your writing?

I have moved this article to my former blog, rachewrites.blogspot.com. Kindly please click on the link to read the rest of this post.


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