Sixteen Success Tips for the Online Freelancer


A lot of people welcome the idea of being a freelance contractor so they can work from home, do a job they love, or to earn more.  Would you like to be an online freelancer?  If yes,  here are sixteen success tips for you: I have moved this article to my former blog, Kindly … Continue reading

Are You A Redundant Writer?

bored cat

Redundancy: a : superfluous repetition : prolixity b : an act or instance of needless repetition the part of a message that can be eliminated without loss of essential information — Merriam-Webster Dictionary When I started writing, one of my biggest writing mistakes was redundancy. Examples of redundant phrases  I’ve been guilty of using were: … Continue reading

Active Voice vs Passive Voice – Who Wins the Battle?

active or passive?

Professional writers recommend the active style of writing unless you have a very good reason for using the passive voice. Which should you use? I have moved this article to my former blog, Kindly please click on the link to read the rest of this post.

Writer: Use Adverbs With Caution!

I am dead to adverbs; they cannot excite me. To misplace an adverb is a thing which I am able to do with frozen indifference; it can never give me a pang. … –and this adverb plague is one of them. … Yes, there are things which we cannot learn, and there is no use … Continue reading

Basic HTML Tags Every Blogger Must Know

If you want to create your own website or blog, learning basic HTML is an advantage. Why you should learn HTML? Which basic HTML tags do you need to know?  And how can you use these to enhance your writing online? Why Learn HTML HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the primary code used in … Continue reading

Practical Tips On Editing Your Own Writing

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Every writer has the responsibility to make sure that their work is free from errors. This is true whether you are writing content for your own website or writing articles for a client. Nothing is worse than an article with typographical errors and misspelled words.  And if the grammar is wrong, the piece itself loses … Continue reading