Time Management Tips to Make Your Day More Productive

One of my biggest challenges working from home is managing time. I am awed by people who can accomplish so much in one day. I’ll admit that I’m not very good at following schedules, and I’ve been guilty of procrastination but it’s never too late to make changes. And that’s why I’m writing this down. … Continue reading

An Interview with Photographer: Rachel Ballard

Soft, dreamy, feminine, whimsical ~ Three words that perfectly describe her photography. Perhaps you may have been to her blog, where she posts her beautiful polaroids and happenings in her life and home. I am so happy that she agreed to do an interview with me and now may I introduce you all to Ms. … Continue reading

What I Learned from Three Years of Blogging

After three years of blogging, I have learned some things that I would like to share today. Not that these things are new. I’m sure that there are lots of other bloggers out there who already know these things. I guess I’m writing these down not only in behalf of newbies (welcome to the blogging … Continue reading